The Exodus Movement Announces Nationwide Chapter Program

The Exodus Movement Announces Nationwide Chapter Program 150 150 Exodus Movement

Today, The Exodus Movement, a group run by Red Sea Rising, a 501(c)(4) organization, and started by Elizabeth Pipko, announced the launch of their chapter program and the initial wave of chapters across the country. These chapters, which are located in diverse, strategic locales, will serve as a means for supporters of The Exodus Movement to gather and push a platform of opposition to Leftist anti-Semitism and will enable Jewish Americans to unite in support of issues that reflect their Jewish values.

“Today I am very excited to announce the launch of The Exodus Movement’s local chapter program,” said Elizabeth Pipko, Founder and President of The Exodus Movement. “The creation of these chapters will allow our organization to expand our footprint to effectively communicate our message and educate Jewish Americans – and all Americans more broadly – about the dangerous creep of anti-Semitism emanating from far-left extremists. While this is only the first wave of chapters, we look forward to expanding our footprint into further regions as time progresses.”

The Exodus Movement aims to teach Jews that Leftism, most notably the Democratic Party, is not a friend to Judaism or to Israel. This sad reality is that, especially in recent years, anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in the party’s national ranks has been tepidly acknowledged at best.

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The Exodus Movement

The Exodus Movement