VIDEO: Introducing The Exodus Movement

VIDEO: Introducing The Exodus Movement 150 150 Exodus Movement

A New Initiative Run By Elizabeth Pipko Committed To Rejecting The Hypocrisy, Anti-Americanism And Anti-Semitism Of The Far-Left

NEW YORK, NY: Due to overwhelming initial support, Red Sea Rising, a newly-formed 501(c)(4) nonprofit, announces the launch of The Exodus Movement, a grassroots platform for Americans who believe in standing up for their Jewish identity and that our connection to Judaism makes us better Americans. It is the movement for those who understand the importance of staunchly supporting the Jewish State and the people of Israel.

The Exodus Movement was formed in the wake of progressives moving away from their support of the Jewish people and their beliefs. This can be seen in their support for disastrous policies such as the Iran deal, their promotion of anti-Semitic causes like BDS and their unwillingness to confront the threat of radical Islamic terrorism head-on.

The Exodus Movement is run by Elizabeth Pipko, a model, athlete and published author from New York City who previously served on Donald J. Trump’s successful 2016 presidential campaign.

Per Pipko, “Jewish voters have seen an increased animosity towards them in the last decade from progressives and liberals, starting with President Obama and continuing today with extremists such as Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib. There has been an unwillingness by many liberals to condemn clearly anti-Semitic comments being made by some in their ranks, leaving Jewish voters feeling unmoored. The Exodus Movement aims to show Jews that they don’t need to hitch their wagon to people who won’t advocate for the issues they hold near and dear.”

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The Exodus Movement

The Exodus Movement